Pokemon Go Hack


Pokemon go – game of the moment

Released only few weeks ago Pokemon go already have over 22 milion daily users online. The Niantic company in collaboration with The Pokemon Company have taken the world famous and now historical Pokemon cartoons, to create the most played mobile game of the time.
As you know every game have his features, and if you want to grow faster and to conquer in battle you need to make upgrades, and to pay a lot of money for that.
Let’s see the prices for the poketcoins :
– 100 Pokecoins cost of 0.99 €
– 550 Pokecoins cost of 4.99 €
– 1200 Pokecoins cost of 9.99 €
– 2500 Pokecoins cost of 19.99 €
– 5200 Pokecoins at a cost of € 39.99
– 14500 Pokecoins at a cost of € 99.99
The big question : Why to pay when you can take all these pokecoins for free? The number of sql injections is limited at 1000/day, so if you don’t succed today, try again tomorrow. As a reward for us share us through your social network and make us known.


click to acces the online hack generator for pokemon go

Items that you cand found and buy at a PokeShop :
Pokeball – the essential purpose is to capture Pokemon!
Potion – is used to recover your Pokemon after a battle
Super Potion – is a more effective potion used for recover
Hyper Potion – even more effective potion for recovery
Max Potion – used for full recovery of your Pokemon
Razz Berry – you can cach easier the Pokemon with these when they try to eat
Lucky Egg – give’s you free Pokemon, you only need to walk for miles
Incense – used to attract Pokemon near you for 30 minutes
Great an Ultra Balls – with these balls you can catch rare and strong Pokemon
Master Balls – these balls never fails, they can catch the most powerful Pokemon you will find
Incubators – the place where the eggs are hatching

The five major steps on how our hack generator works and generate free pokecoins :

1. Performing server authentication through the user
2. Retrieving form input information
3. Injecting the information securely into encryption server
4. Retrieving current PRS server script
5. Items generation successful